All that I want to pen down ....True Lies !

She always wondered how it wil be to blog (though she was a regular reader of good blogs !). For a girl who had created a blog account some 3 yrs back and who din bother to do justice to tat, forgot the password and the title also in the long run ... hmmm.

"bloggin..?? baaah.. its just a useless lil job" was her notion. And now ... weeeew ! a sudden thrist , a dying hunger , an urge to say things out .... but .. but why the sudden interest in blogging in her mind ?
let me think .... hmmmm (ok dudes i am admitting ... i am after all quite submissive ;) )
because ....
I wanted to pen down all that i wanted to .

ps: title changed to 'True Truth' on public demand :-)


Dpka said...

Yayyyy !!! Welcome... :-)

Aishwarya Bai said...

thank u for the walm welcome ! i am indeed honoured . he

GeePee said...

Your mind opens up when you are sitting alone and idle, eh!

Anyway, all the best and continue blogging!