I know the SECRET !

After my last post on July 9th I had been on a small vacation. I watched some good classic movies (new and old). Among the list , was this film ' THE SECRET '

Well for all those who don't know about this film, I would just like to share with you its essence.. what I feel about it... I hope some of you will watch it too after getting to know about it.

Positive thinking is the seed to confidence and in turn success. Almost all of us know that ... But there's something beyond that . There is a LAW ...

To discover the answers visit

And Lo ! Get to know the Secret To Life !

Cheers to all !
Happy discovery !

Bottom line :
Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right ...

As I look back ...

It was saved in Aishu(F:)->schoolwork->poemformag. I still remember the day my uncle helped me write this piece of work.

Well I stay in the United States right now. But ...

Singaaaara Chennai, lovable relatives, big fights with my small brother, most cheerful friends, Fun filled school days, loathed but still unforgettable college days ... Can I get them back again? Can I ?

As I look back, a tear escapes from my eye. Am scared to peep into the future too . What to do ...
Oh gaaad ! Situations changed ... are changing ... and will be changing of course ... but when ever I feel secluded, I have the best companion with me who will never let me down...never forever ...

Thanks buddy !

Why me ? Why me ?

SERIOUSLY dont know what to write !

"I just finished my post. Thank you for reading it ".

ending note: if sum one is scolding me right now please remember u r not supposed to. i just wrote what people might write if they SERIOUSLY dont know what to write !

All that I want to pen down ....True Lies !

She always wondered how it wil be to blog (though she was a regular reader of good blogs !). For a girl who had created a blog account some 3 yrs back and who din bother to do justice to tat, forgot the password and the title also in the long run ... hmmm.

"bloggin..?? baaah.. its just a useless lil job" was her notion. And now ... weeeew ! a sudden thrist , a dying hunger , an urge to say things out .... but .. but why the sudden interest in blogging in her mind ?
let me think .... hmmmm (ok dudes i am admitting ... i am after all quite submissive ;) )
because ....
I wanted to pen down all that i wanted to .

ps: title changed to 'True Truth' on public demand :-)