I know the SECRET !

After my last post on July 9th I had been on a small vacation. I watched some good classic movies (new and old). Among the list , was this film ' THE SECRET '

Well for all those who don't know about this film, I would just like to share with you its essence.. what I feel about it... I hope some of you will watch it too after getting to know about it.

Positive thinking is the seed to confidence and in turn success. Almost all of us know that ... But there's something beyond that . There is a LAW ...

To discover the answers visit

And Lo ! Get to know the Secret To Life !

Cheers to all !
Happy discovery !

Bottom line :
Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right ...


Badre said...

Ya. i heard abt SECRET.

@ Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right ...

actually i wanna brief in this.. thot it might help.. you know how that Whether you think you can or you can't, either way you are right.. its simple, thats how our brain works.
take for example, when u say " I obviously cannot desire that I must be richer than Bill Gates in 3 months ! :D" u think that it is not possible and hence you are cutting off the portion of the brain which says that it is possible. and thats how people end up in using just less than 1% of their brain.. We constantly keep on closing our part of brain saying that things are not possible.. Einstein used 4% of his brain and that considered to be the max used by any person..

See, its simple.. im not saying that you can get richer than bill gates in 3 months. wat im saying is, how is it to work with that context, with that mindset of making it hapen. Wat would be possible for you in those 3 months. even if you get some 10000,thats a begining :) Work with the mindset of it is possible..

our brain doesn't know the difference between wat happened and wat we are believing on.. that is, if u believe on actually becoming richer than bill gates in 3 months the brain takes it as the truth and it operates from that paradigm and thats when you get new possibilities. Example, u have seen some one who is so confused and after going to temple or somewhere they feel that they have got an answer?! Temple doesnt workout anything. Wat works is their mindset,their belief that if they go to temple everything ll be fine! and that becoms the truth for them..

Well i dono where i started and where i ended up.. :P
just came thru ur blog thru mouli's and jus wanted to give you my point of view onthat matter. and WATEVER I SAID IS MY POINT OF VIEW AND NOT THE TRUTH.
But thanks a lot, i was like thinking about wat im gonna write for my next post.. Now im clear :) hehe.. take care.. bye..

Vineet said...

Secret is a good documentary or a film or what ever you call as. But every one who had watched the film will not get the so called attraction just by thinking about it. Anyways its a movie which increases your morale and boost you up to think positive. After a month you will again be on your own track and think the same way which you were doing before seeing the film. Do you know why? Our brain is designed in such a way that you will go by the direction/ or attraction which the same documentary says but only for a limited time period. When you are really in a trouble or problem you cant think the same way what " The Secret" says...this is the truth about your Secret

Aishu Bai said...

i accept ur view point badre. thank u for replying...